Project highlights from 2016

2016 has been one of the most tumultuous years in my recent memory: geo-politically, socially, and even philosophically speaking.  Look, I’ve been doing social impact/progressive/justice & intersectionality-oriented communications work for nearly 15 years now. But this year’s election? Simply put, “unpresidented.” Now more than ever, in this so-called “post-truth” era of brazen falsehoods and dangerously willful ignorance, I know that facts still matter… truth-telling matters… and communicating those facts more effectively and strategically matters.

So I am proud to have thrown down this year on some impactful work with so many talented folksscholars, artists, leaders, communicators, and advocates alike.  Here are a few work projects from recent months that sustain my optimism for the long road ahead.

We’re coming for ya, 2017. And to paraphrase my boss, we’re coming ready for “the fight of our lives.”


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And reports on naturalized voters and promoting citizenship (in Los Angeles county and in the state of California)