Podcasting: the pleasures and… the pains?

So you wanna start a podcast? I mean, who doesn’t have one these days!? As the podcast-obsessed geek that I am, I wanted to satisfy my curiosity and try some IRL training before jumping into the fray. Because let’s face it: just Googling around wasn’t giving me the real deal on what it takes toContinue reading “Podcasting: the pleasures and… the pains?”


Resources on racial equity and racial justice

In my social impact/nonprofit communications circles, I’m often asked for links and resources to racial justice tools and articles. This post is an attempt to compile a list of resources that I’ve either personally used or have been recommended to me by trusted allies (much gratitude, friends!). Check back often as I plan to updateContinue reading “Resources on racial equity and racial justice”

Posts, Projects, & Portfolio

My clients and collaborators come from across sectors: social justice nonprofits, progressive philanthropy, government agencies, community-based/grassroots organizations, arts & cultural groups, educators, and socially responsible businesses. In this section, you’ll find all my recent posts (musings), past projects, and work portfolio. Note: Some pages of this site are password protected for intellectual property or clientContinue reading “Posts, Projects, & Portfolio”

#RecommendedReading: MAG series on social justice ecosystems

What are the key elements of a social justice ecosystem? What would it take to bring about “a shared vision of love, dignity, and justice”? What’s important now, what’s changed/changing, and what is needed for the long haul? If any of these questions resonated for you as they did for many of the changemakers inContinue reading “#RecommendedReading: MAG series on social justice ecosystems”

Project highlights from 2016

2016 has been one of the most tumultuous years in my recent memory: geo-politically, socially, and even philosophically speaking.  Look, I’ve been doing social impact/progressive/justice & intersectionality-oriented communications work for nearly 15 years now. But this year’s election? Simply put, “unpresidented.” Now more than ever, in this so-called “post-truth” era of brazen falsehoods and dangerouslyContinue reading “Project highlights from 2016”

Recent Projects: Creative Direction, Art Direction, and Design Production

Design has been taking up more of my time this year, and I’m proud to share some great research reports we’ve been working on, including: linking innovation with inclusion for a more sustainable San Diego economy; the social impacts of DAPA on immigrant families’ well-being; strengthening leadership development programs for social movement building; and expandingContinue reading “Recent Projects: Creative Direction, Art Direction, and Design Production”

Media Relations Work

  With ever increasing levels of complexity (and some might say, volatility) in our media landscape, it has become all the more crucial to build strong working relationships with journalists. Reporters, editors, and owners face serious challenges to their industry, to be sure, but there are also signs of hope. While it is only oneContinue reading “Media Relations Work”

Communications resources for nonprofits

A recurring question that my networks and allies ask: Where can I find real ‘tools’ for communications planning? This often happens after they’ve completed a few rounds of the process—i.e. strategic visioning, org-wide communications assessment, and budgeting—and are then ready to jump into the next phases of implementation.  Understandably, making the rubber-hit-the-road is daunting, butContinue reading “Communications resources for nonprofits”

Livestreaming: A 10-City Virtual Conference

We created a “virtual summit” in lieu of a traditional conference to celebrate AAPIP’s 20th Anniversary.  In October 2010, AAPIP’s chapters organized “viewing parties” in 10 cities (NY, SF, LA, Houston, Philadelphia, DC, Silicon Valley, Boston, Chicago and Seattle) to watch a livestream of AAPIP speakers and celebrations broadcast online from our headquarters in SFContinue reading “Livestreaming: A 10-City Virtual Conference”

Social Media Strategy: Bridging Tech, Networks, and Live Events

As the New Media Manager, I was part of the team that brought AAPIP’s social media and digital communications efforts up to the next level.  In 10 short months, we experimented with a new social media strategy that linked to a series of events throughout AAPIP’s 20th Anniversary year across the country. Through a newContinue reading “Social Media Strategy: Bridging Tech, Networks, and Live Events”

Toolkit: “An Organization’s Guide to a Theory of Social Change”

Chronicles of Change – An Organization’s Guide to a Theory of Social Change This 75-page guide featured tools and resources to help grassroots nonprofits better align their mission, vision, and values to sustainable social change goals.  It contained facilitator’s guides, activities, handouts, and case studies that could easily be used in various community education settings.  Continue reading “Toolkit: “An Organization’s Guide to a Theory of Social Change””

Storytelling: Gender & Social Justice Movements [video]

… ORGANIZATION National Gender & Equity Campaign‘s Organizational Fellowship Program  MY ROLES Editing, filming/interviewing; Production team member (concept development, story-boarding, planning); Training staff & grantees on digital storytelling, filming, and equipment use; This storytelling video module was created for a gender equity training and project planning session with 12 AAPI grassroots organizations in California andContinue reading “Storytelling: Gender & Social Justice Movements [video]“