Livestreaming: A 10-City Virtual Conference

We created a “virtual summit” in lieu of a traditional conference to celebrate AAPIP’s 20th Anniversary.  In October 2010, AAPIP’s chapters organized “viewing parties” in 10 cities (NY, SF, LA, Houston, Philadelphia, DC, Silicon Valley, Boston, Chicago and Seattle) to watch a livestream of AAPIP speakers and celebrations broadcast online from our headquarters in SF and Atlantic Philanthropies in NYC. 

The event employed an integrated communications strategy, with complementary social media activities, a livestream vendor film crew, and educational technology trainings via webinar to prepare our 10 chapter city sites.  By using multiple social media venues in an interactive and intentional way, AAPIP united nearly 1000 viewers across a broad, national audience through 3 time zones.  This successful, experimental 10-month planning effort also helped improve our staff, national members’, and organizational capacity in online media production and social media engagement.


  • New Media Manager
A view of the SF staff livestreaming from SF (on the stage), and the simultaneous stream of the staff in NYC (on the screen).
The view of the national stream from the NYC audience at the Atlantic Philanthropies.