Social Media Strategy: Bridging Tech, Networks, and Live Events

As the New Media Manager, I was part of the team that brought AAPIP’s social media and digital communications efforts up to the next level.  In 10 short months, we experimented with a new social media strategy that linked to a series of events throughout AAPIP’s 20th Anniversary year across the country.

Through a new blog embedded in the old static website, we increased traffic and user participation on the website four-fold.  Across other social media we saw double, triple, or quadruple growth of followers and interactivity.  I helped facilitate a major shift in the organization’s approach to communications and ushered in a new level of capacity and reach through strategic technology use.

Click the icons below to explore all of AAPIP’s social media venues.

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  • Coordinated all social media accounts
  • Produced content, images, text for publications across channels
  • Trained staff and members on social media, tech logistics, and livestreaming
  • Organized publication calendars and led cross-functional team to systematize communications
  • Developed and grew user generated content (invited guest bloggers, photos, tweets, etc)
  • Maintained all digital spaces including website, blogs, tracked metrics, and measured progress



Click here to learn about the 10-city livestream event that utilized all the social media channels to full effect!