Toolkit: “An Organization’s Guide to a Theory of Social Change”


Chronicles of Change – An Organization’s Guide to a Theory of Social Change

This 75-page guide featured tools and resources to help grassroots nonprofits better align their mission, vision, and values to sustainable social change goals.  It contained facilitator’s guides, activities, handouts, and case studies that could easily be used in various community education settings.   The toolkit design featured a film-making metaphor to infuse the organizational transformation journey with a sense of creativity and fun.   Stylistically, all major elements of design were intentionally created in crisp, B&W/grayscale to enhance legibility and retain graphic sharpness during repeated, low-cost photocopying in community settings.



  • Layout designer
  • Concept and content development team member
  • Printing and distribution coordination

Click here to launch the full view version of the Theory of Social Change Guide pdf (via Issuu).


ORGANIZATION: National Gender and Equity Campaign

Credits: NGEC Staff, AAPIP,  & Karen Perkins (for color illustrations)



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