Storytelling: Gender & Social Justice Movements [video]

National Gender & Equity Campaign‘s Organizational Fellowship Program 


  • Editing, filming/interviewing;
  • Production team member (concept development, story-boarding, planning);
  • Training staff & grantees on digital storytelling, filming, and equipment use;

This storytelling video module was created for a gender equity training and project planning session with 12 AAPI grassroots organizations in California and Minnesota.  In the video, we featured one community leader from each group to share stories, questions, and ideas about how to collaborate further to build movements that support gender equity.  This film was screened at a national training and was followed by a facilitated breakout sessions with in-depth group discussions.

The goal was to give groups a visually compelling way to reflect on their journey in the capacity building program. Instead of writing reports or speaking on a panel, we decided to use these short vignettes and to employ a more creative approach through video.  Making the most of a limited equipment budget, we decided to have the footage filmed by our own staff members using convenient and affordable “Flip” cameras.

Another important goal of the project was to demonstrate to both our own staff and to the grantees that digital storytelling could be affordable and easy for “non-techie” people. Through this intentional approach, we made the production process both a “teachable moment”, and a useful media product.  As a result, many groups began using the same “Flip” cameras for their own video projects.