#RecommendedReading: MAG series on social justice ecosystems

What are the key elements of a social justice ecosystem? What would it take to bring about “a shared vision of love, dignity, and justice”? What’s important now, what’s changed/changing, and what is needed for the long haul? If any of these questions resonated for you as they did for many of the changemakers inContinue reading “#RecommendedReading: MAG series on social justice ecosystems”


Storytelling: Gender & Social Justice Movements [video]

… ORGANIZATION National Gender & Equity Campaign‘s Organizational Fellowship Program  MY ROLES Editing, filming/interviewing; Production team member (concept development, story-boarding, planning); Training staff & grantees on digital storytelling, filming, and equipment use; This storytelling video module was created for a gender equity training and project planning session with 12 AAPI grassroots organizations in California andContinue reading “Storytelling: Gender & Social Justice Movements [video]“