Posts, Projects, & Portfolio

My clients and collaborators come from across sectors: social justice nonprofits, progressive philanthropy, government agencies, community-based/grassroots organizations, arts & cultural groups, educators, and socially responsible businesses. In this section, you’ll find all my recent posts (musings), past projects, and work portfolio. Note: Some pages of this site are password protected for intellectual property or clientContinue reading “Posts, Projects, & Portfolio”


Recent Projects: Creative Direction, Art Direction, and Design Production

Design has been taking up more of my time this year, and I’m proud to share some great research reports we’ve been working on, including: linking innovation with inclusion for a more sustainable San Diego economy; the social impacts of DAPA on immigrant families’ well-being; strengthening leadership development programs for social movement building; and expandingContinue reading “Recent Projects: Creative Direction, Art Direction, and Design Production”

Media Relations Work

  With ever increasing levels of complexity (and some might say, volatility) in our media landscape, it has become all the more crucial to build strong working relationships with journalists. Reporters, editors, and owners face serious challenges to their industry, to be sure, but there are also signs of hope. While it is only oneContinue reading “Media Relations Work”