Communications resources for nonprofits

#ComNet14 by The Communications Network, on Flickr

A recurring question that my networks and allies ask: Where can I find real ‘tools’ for communications planning?

This often happens after they’ve completed a few rounds of the process—i.e. strategic visioning, org-wide communications assessment, and budgeting—and are then ready to jump into the next phases of implementation.  Understandably, making the rubber-hit-the-road is daunting, but all it really means is getting down to the nitty-gritty work of communications.

Fear not.  If the bulk of the planning in those first rounds  is done with intention and clear action steps,  you’ll find that implementation will feel like the least dauncing part of the comms planning process. So here’s a short list of tools and resources that my clients and I have found useful:

For Nonprofits

Also check out

Hope these are a helpful start!

Let me know in the comments what you think of these tools and if you have  suggestions for resources I should include.



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