The “BRIDGE Democracy” Blog


When the 3 year capacity-building program for National Gender and Equity (NGEC) program came to a close, staff needed to preserve the NGEC content but also to continue blogging as a new entity.  I helped rebrand the URL and migrate all the content to a new WordPress site:

Initially, AAPIP incubated the fledgling formation called “BRIDGE” (Building Responsive Infrastructure for Global Equity).  Although BRIDGE eventually did not materialize into a formal, “brick-and-mortar” organization, they now had an online space to build new audiences and test new messaging strategies that honor their past and support their future growth.


  • Created, maintained, and oversaw the original NGEC blog
  • Rebranded/converted the URL and selected a new BRIDGE blog design
  • Trained other staff in blogging, content management, editing, and best practices
  • Advised BRIDGE on future development


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