BRIDGE Organizational Assessment [online tool & microsite]

I served as the project manager for the transformation of a paper-based survey assessment into an easy to use online tool to help nonprofits build organizational staff capacity.  Over 100 grassroots leaders have benefitted from the online tool, and the response from 20+ organizations served through this process was overwhelmingly positive*.

An entity called “BRIDGE” (Building Responsive Infrastructure for Global Equity) developed a framework for a unique, evaluative, and data-heavy organizational assessment tool for social justice organizations as part of the National Gender & Equity Campaign. They wanted an easier way to conduct the assessments across the country  in an online format, as well as to provide useful data visualizations generated from users’ results.

I hired, managed, and partnered closely with contracted web developer teams at to build a special log-in enabled “microsite” on a custom Drupal platform.  The tool was also built with a custom staff intranet on the administrative side to manage the users, the data, and the open-source visualization tools that calculated the results of the surveys automatically.

From the budgeting/contracting, to technical testing, to content development, to implementation and training, I managed multiple aspects of this tool through serveral iterations.

Sample result infographic visualization from online app
Sample result infographic visualization from B.O.A.T. online app

(*The image gallery above also includes slides from the user training webinars we conducted to ensure that users who were unfamiliar with the new technology could utilize the online portal easily, as well as learn new digital literacy skills at the same time.)

*Note: The onilne tool is no longer available to the public. This version was closed in 2010, but BRIDGE plans to redevelop and upgrade the tool for future use.  However, at the time of this writing, the site is currently still live at

Advertisement – NGEC was created for The National Gender & Equity Campaign. The NGEC was a 3-year pilot program incubated by AAPIP whose aim was to build a stronger social justice movement through capacity building.

NGEC supported organizations committed to cultural change and inclusion of gender equity values and practices. The site was a way to publicize NGEC’s capacity building work to foundations; to share the grantees’ inspiring and transformational stories; and to showcase tools and resources for grassroots leadership.


  • Project-managed the full range of  website’s technical development (scope, budget, features, contracts, features, branding, etc)
  • Coordinated teams of consultants in graphic design, Drupal programming, and content development
  • Ongoing content management and site maintenance
  • Multimedia asset production and social media integration
  • Some copywriting and copyediting
  • Managed addition and build-out of online assessment application/tool



The “BRIDGE Democracy” Blog


When the 3 year capacity-building program for National Gender and Equity (NGEC) program came to a close, staff needed to preserve the NGEC content but also to continue blogging as a new entity.  I helped rebrand the URL and migrate all the content to a new WordPress site:

Initially, AAPIP incubated the fledgling formation called “BRIDGE” (Building Responsive Infrastructure for Global Equity).  Although BRIDGE eventually did not materialize into a formal, “brick-and-mortar” organization, they now had an online space to build new audiences and test new messaging strategies that honor their past and support their future growth.


  • Created, maintained, and oversaw the original NGEC blog
  • Rebranded/converted the URL and selected a new BRIDGE blog design
  • Trained other staff in blogging, content management, editing, and best practices
  • Advised BRIDGE on future development